Healthy and tasty food for weight loss: menu for the week

Are you planning to lose weight? So the menu must be correct. What to pay attention to? How to make delicious and healthy food for weight loss? The menu for the week should be varied.

What to look for when preparing a menu?

diary for vegetables and foods for weight loss

Everything is quite simple. Products should be chosen fresh and healthy, not too greasy and sweet. The food should be tasty, but not too high in calories.

So there should be meat and fish in the diet. But not too greasy. Both meat and fish should be baked, boiled or stewed. Frying is best avoided. Meat or fish should be served with vegetables or herbs. Meat pasta is not the best option. But meat with boiled broccoli or stewed carrots is what you need.

Of course, the menu should include vegetable dishes. There are many options. Stews, soups, stews, salads, honeycombs, appetizers. The main thing is that the dishes are not very high in calories.

Do not forget about the fruit. Salads, smoothies, light desserts will help quench your thirst for sweets and improve your mood. In addition, the fruits contain many valuable elements.

Dairy products should not be too greasy, but you should not choose skimmed. Cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, milk, various cheeses are useful and can make the menu more interesting.

Cereals give a feeling of satiety, give energy and are great for the first half of the day. You can add a variety of vegetables, berries, fruits and dried fruits to cereals.

It is best to eat five times a day. Three main meals and two snacks. But you can make a menu differently. It is important not to starve or overeat.

Light and tasty menu

roasted fish for weight loss

Here are the simple menu options for the week:


  • in the morning: oatmeal with dried apricots and nuts, a piece of cheese and cocoa;
  • snack: fruit and berry smoothies;
  • lunch: vegetarian cabbage soup, stewed fish, salad, cranberry juice;
  • afternoon breakfast: two cheesecakes and coffee;
  • dinner: vegetable casserole with sour cream, chamomile tea.


  • breakfast: vegetable pancakes, banana, tea;
  • breakfast: boiled egg and cucumber;
  • lunch: minestrone, chicken roll with spinach, sweet peppers and compote;
  • afternoon breakfast: orange;
  • evening: cottage cheese casserole with apple, cocoa.


  • in the morning: sandwich with cheese and herbs, coffee, pear;
  • breakfast: fruit salad;
  • lunch: stew with carrots and sweet peppers, salad, freshly squeezed juice;
  • afternoon breakfast: vegetable smoothie;
  • dinner: omelette with vegetables, chicken broth.


  • breakfast: three cheesecakes, half a cup of berries, tea;
  • breakfast: vegetable salad;
  • lunch: borsch, stew, compote;
  • afternoon snack: fruit and berry smoothies;
  • evening: boiled fish and salad, kefir.


  • in the morning: millet with pumpkin, cocoa and oats;
  • breakfast: two boiled eggs and a tomato;
  • lunch: fish soup, stewed vegetables and pancakes with liver, juice;
  • afternoon breakfast: a piece of charlotte and milk;
  • dinner: chicken cutlet, salad and kefir.


  • breakfast: cottage cheese with banana, sandwich with cheese and cucumber, tea;
  • breakfast: omelet with tomatoes;
  • lunch: roasted fish with vegetables, fruit salad;
  • afternoon breakfast: kefir and wholemeal muffins;
  • evening: vegetable casserole and a slice of boiled beef, mint tea.


  • in the morning: buckwheat with vegetables, cucumber salad;
  • breakfast: two baked apples;
  • lunch: green borsch, boiled chicken with salad, juice;
  • afternoon breakfast: yogurt and apple;
  • dinner: chicken cutlets, boiled broccoli, kefir.

A balanced diet, delicious meals and moderation will help you lose weight.